All about Jordyn woods.

by vnygadgets

Born on the 23rd of September 1997, Jordyn Woods, an American social media personality  

 and model from Los Angeles, CA, is the new sensation in the industry.

She is well known for her friendship with the reality TV star Kylie Jenner. 

Recently her relationship with the Jenner Kardashian family is falling out as she was seen getting cosy with the father of her daughter.

She was captured getting cosy with Tristan Thompson.

After the fallout, Miss Woods has been focused on her relationship with her own family, career as a model, and social media star 

She is born into an entertainment family as her mother, Elizabeth Woods, is also a brand manager and photographer.  

Her father is also a sound engineer who worked on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air 

They’re also close family friends with Will Smith. Unfortunately, John woods passed away fighting cancer back in 2017.

Jordyn Woods Started modeling when she was just six years old, and she also signed a document with four modeling agencies. 

When she moved to Los Angeles, she became best friends with Kylie Jenner.

Miss Woods has more than 11 million followers on Instagram, 

 and she was also a very famous personality on wine applications.