Due To A Rare Disease: Aston Kutcher lost his All ability

by vnygadgets

The famous American actor Ashton Kutcher revealed that he had a rare disease called vasculitis.  

Due to that disease, he was unable to see, hear or walk,  

which he revealed in the latest episode of national geographic running wild with Bear Grylls.  

Vasculitis Is there a rare disease that causes inflammation of the blood vessels. 

The inflammation can later cause the walls of the vessels to thicken and restrict the overall blood flow. 

As per the medical health professionals, you can suffer from organ and tissue damage due to the disease.

Ashton Kutcher revealed in the show that he suffered from One of the rare forms of the disease, 

which knocked out his vision, his hearing, and his equilibrium.  

He further mentioned that you really don't appreciate it until it is completely gone.

It is the first time that Ashton Kutcher revealed that he was suffering from a rare disease. 

In the last two years and the time he suffered, Ashton Kutcher, over his wife Mila Kunis,  

did not reveal in public that he was suffering from a rare disease.  

He mentioned that he is lucky to be alive.