Famous Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live 

and talked about his facial hair transformation for the latest movie, vengeance.

Ashton Kutcher is going to play the famous rural 

Texas music producer Quentin sellers.

For the role, he has to grow a pencil-thin mustache 

He mentioned in the show that his wife had to deal with it, and it was all fun. 

He revealed in the show that when he brought the mustache home, his wife, Mila 

Kunis, thought he was a different guy. Ashton Kutcher further mentioned in the show 

that BJ Novak came to him with his amazing screenplay 

and told Ashton Kutcher that he wanted him to play a role in the movie. 

After reading the script, Ashton Kutcher was impressed and decided to join BJ Novak

in his directorial debut. Lastly, Ashton mentioned that

 it is a beautiful but very funny movie.