As per several media reports,

 the famous actress of 50 Shades of gray, Dakota Johnson, has been dating Chris Martin since 2017,

and their relationship is getting pretty strong each day.

Both artists are known to make their living by

selling love on screen and in songs but do not talk about their relationship in public. 

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are very serious regarding their relationship 

as Dakota joined a family getaway in 2019 with

the ex-wife of Chris Martin along with the current husband of his ex-wife.

Recently, Dakota Johnson has explained why people are not hearing about the 

relationship between Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin in public. She explained that 

both of them work so much, and it is nice to have a cozy and private place at the end of the day.

The couple has been living together since Chris Martin purchased a $12.5 million property in Malibu

They can also be seen enjoying the cuisine at

local restaurants in their 1965 Ford Mustang, which she gifted to Chris Martin.