One of the longest-running daytime talk shows in the history of television,

Dr. Phill, is downsizing. As per the media reports,

Dr. Phill, is downsizing. As per the media reports,

the talk show production team has laid off 25 staff members, mostly related to production.

A represent ative of the show mentioned to the public that going into season 21 is 

 a bit challenging, and we want to ensure the longevity of the show.

 The representative further mentioned that the production team found that 

some roles could be reduced and still deliver the dynamic and forward-thinking program. 

It is not the first time that employees of the show have come into the limelight. 

Even in January 2022, several current and former employees of the

 show spoke to the media regarding verbal abuse, intimidation, fear, and racism they faced.

There were some employees who also claimed that the production team of the show 

encouraged them to perpetuate racists on screen. 

The show has been renewed once again for the 21st season, and fans are very happy with the news.