Fans reveal who is her favorite character in Young Sheldon 

by vnygadgets

After the huge success of Big Bang Theory

the makers are also seen in a massive fan following for young Sheldon.

Similar to its parent show, young Sheldon also has a huge cast, and fans love each and every character. 

The show has a huge list of side actors, including Ray Liotta, Elon Musk, Lance Reddick, etc.

In a recent survey, the fans of young Sheldon were asked one simple question, 

 and they all answered that they love the character of Doctor Sturgis more than any other side character.

Paige Swanson was second on the list, and Billy sparks, the neighbor of Sheldon, was third in the list.

Fans believe that doctor Sturgis is very similar to young Sheldon.

Both characters love physics, and they also share love in their desire for order and rules. Sheldon can be comfortable around Doctor Sturgis. 

Young Sheldon was very happy when Doctor Sturgis and her meemaw announced their relationship.

Friends are hoping to see more of Doctor Sturgis in the sixth season. Fans also loved the quirky acting of Wallace Shawn. 

They believed that Wallace justified the needs of the character, and he looked very natural during the whole show.