How did Alastair Little become a legend chef?

by vnygadgets

Alastair Little was the godfather of British food, who sadly died at the age of 72

The cause of his death is unknown yet.  

However, his friends and family have already paid their tributes to the British cooking godfather on social media platforms.

He was a self-taught chef, restaurant owner, and cookbook author. Alastair Moved to Australia from the United Kingdom with his wife Sharon, who was from Sydney. 

He met his wife in 1995, and after five years of friendship, he married her in 2000.

Alastair Little Found his love for cooking while traveling across Europe with his father as a young child 

He was an archaeology student at Cambridge, where he started cooking by himself as the food in the boarding school was bad

Little opened several restaurants in his life, and they all were loved by The public. 

His deli in Notting Hill And his restaurant won the Times Restaurant of the year award back in 1993.

He was still running his company called Alastair Little.

His fans, followers, admirers, and friends paid their tributes after the death of the most beloved chef in the United Kingdom.

Even though he had been living in Australia for a few years, his fans in the United Kingdom were still loving him like ever before.