It is the easiest way to share files between Mac applications

by vnygadgets

Apple is not known in the world because of its great name or its branding

We know Apple because of its great operating system and the ecosystem 

 The company is known to regularly improve its operating system and user experience.

Even though it is among the greatest operating systems in the world, it doesn’t mean that you know it all

 There are always going to be some features you might not know, and this time we have come up with that

Today we will take a look at how you can share files between Mac apps.  

We will use an inbuilt shortcut which is officially called the proxy icon

It’s a simple drag and drops feature which can allow you to upload files to the drive without even finding that in the hard drive

The shortcut will involve the title bar and its unique drag and drop feature.

Steps to share the file



● First of all, you have to open the file you want to share.

●    Now, Hover the mouse and click on that file name for a second

You will immediately notice that a little icon appears to the left of the file name.

●That’s it. It’s that easy to share any file between applications in Mac OS.