It's crazy! Taylor Swift's private jet emits the most CO2

by vnygadgets

Awareness regarding CO2 emission is becoming more and more popular

We have seen a huge trend from cheap air tickets to air tickets ..

where carbon emissions are on the lower side. 

The Internet has praised people who take carbon emissions very seriously and scolded those who don’t.

A few days ago, a study was published by yard digital regarding CO2 emissions by top celebrities

 Surprisingly, Taylor Swift topped that list and became the celebrity with the worst private jet CO2 emissions

The worst part about that study was that Taylor Swift's jet even took flights as short as 12 minutes.

The Internet was furious over the report and trolled Taylor Swift heavily on all social media platforms.

Even though other celebrities on the list have not responded yet, Taylor

Taylor Swift took the study very seriously and responded via a representative.

The representative of Taylor Swift told the media that her private jet of

Taylor Swift is regularly loaned out to other individuals

Her representative further mentioned that she did not look at all those trips, and the report is clearly not logical.