A few days ago, succession star J Smith Cameron posted

 a tweet mentioning that"I threw a drink in Kieran's face tonight,"

 Soon after that, he posted another tweet mentioning that he had it coming with some photo evidence

Now, during his appearance on the late-night show with Stephen Colbert,

Kieran Culkin mentioned that he is worried about

the number of jokes he has about her age in the script of the show. 

Even a huge number of fans noticed that the duo had too many age-related jokes. 

As per the media reports, J Cameron Smith is a 64 years old actress

who is working along with 39 years old Kieran Culkin.

The writers have taken the opportunity and added several age-related jokes to the show

Fans love their chemistry and how they portray it even in their social lives.

while Rupert Murdoch had already been married three times before. 

Jerry Hall kicked off the divorce proceedings citing that she has irreconcilable differences.