Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga have been running the

 entertainment news industry for the last few weeks.

First, the couple did not attend the marriage of Teresa Guidice, 

who is the only sibling of Joe Gorga.

And now there are some rumors that Melissa Gorga cheated on her husband Joe with a family friend.

Several media reports have claimed that those rumors of

Melissa Gorga cheating on her husband Joe Gorga are completely false. 

Nick and his wife Liz, our close friend with gold for years, and all these rumors are completely false.

Yes, there are some disputes between the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast,

but these differences and disputes are not because of the cheating of Melissa Gorga. 

Gorgas did not attend the wedding of Teresa Giudice,

nd Some people on social media claimed 

that it was because Melissa cheated on his husband with close friend Nick Barrotta.