Julia Haart sues her husband for $257 million, "He is a fraud"


On Friday, the 51-year-old star of My Unorthodox Life filed

a lawsuit against her estranged husband, business partner, and costar

claiming he is a "liar and a fraud" who defrauded her out of their businesses.

According to court documents, which also name Elite World Group's 

 Group Chief Executive Officer Paolo Barbieri and Jeffrey Feinman from 

accounting firm DDK & Company as defendants, Haart alleges that Scaglia

plotted to defraud her of major stocks and earnings from  

Elite World Group (EWG) and its parent company Freedom Holding, Inc. (FHI)

According to Scaglia's lawyer, Haart's claims of 50 percent 

50 percent ownership have already been rejected by a court. 

A 45-page lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme Court 

claims Scaglia "begged" his then-fiancée Haart to serve as EWG's

a salary from EWG, he convinced her to pay a

management fee of 2 percent of EWG's annual revenue to the parent company.