That's  love! After 14 years,Lance Armstrong wed Anna Hansen 

by vnygadgets

On August 9th, 2022, former pro cyclist Lance Armstrong announced that 

he had married his long girlfriend of 14 years, Anna Hansen 

Lance shared an Instagram post stating that it was

his best day ever as he married his love, Anna Hansen Armstrong.

He further mentioned in his post that Anna had been his absolute rock for the past 14 years, and he would not have survived without her love

e said that he was very proud, but a couple of days had gone by. At last, 

he promised that he would always be there for his wife and family.

Lance Armstrong also shared a few pictures of the ceremony. 

His kids, who served as their bridesmaid and groomsmen, can also be seen in these pictures

 He did not forget to mention his kids in his Instagram post.

It is the 2nd wedding of Lance Armstrong as his first wife, Kristin Richard, parted her ways back in 2003

They both have three children together. Lance and 

Anna started dating back in 2008 after they met through his charitable work.  

 They both together have two kids, Max and Olivia, who were part of their wedding.