Leapwork CEO: No-code platforms will simplify testing

by vnygadgets

No coding technology has been gaining popularity in recent years. 

Experts believe that no quote technology can become the future of software in retail marketing and related software building. 

One of the biggest benefits of the no-code approach is that it allows small  

businesses to create an application without formal programming knowledge or training. 

Not every business in the world can afford dedicated programmers, and no code technology is their only option. 

Even though No code platforms are fairly new, there are some companies that are already providing similar solutions,  

But they are truly No code platforms. 

Leapwork has recently developed a testing automation product that is easy to maintain and provides rapid results at a low cost. 

The best part about the product is that you don't require any specialists or special resources.

The CEO of league work has recently made it public that the company has democratized automation 

The best part about the product is that it is truly a No code test automation platform 

He further mentioned that no code platform approach does not compromise security. 

Under any circumstances, the security of the platform is going to be their topmost priority.