Martin Luther King convinced Nichelle not to leave  Star Trek

by vnygadgets

Nichelle Nichols was admired by everyone who ever got to know her. Martin Luther King jr, one of the biggest leaders of America 

was also among her day admirers of her. She achieved many achievements in her life.

But, there was one time when she decided to leave Star Trek.

Back then, Martin Luther King jr convinced her not to leave the show 

Apart from being one of the best in her acting career, Nichelle Nichols is also known as one of the biggest 

advocates of NASA who work towards the recruitment of female candidates in the organization.

Nichelle Nichols Decided to quit the show in the middle of the first season, which was shot between 1966 and 67.

Back then, she wanted to go back to work in theater. She was communications officer Lieutenant Uhura in the show and gained a lot of fans for her role. 

Martin Luther King Junior and Nichelle Nichols both met in a civil rights groups fundraiser.  

They were introduced by the event promoter by stated that her biggest fan wanted to meet her.  

In the meeting, when Martin Luther King jr realized 

that she was trying to leave the show, he convinced her to stay.