Celebrities dating each other are not a new thing. 

We have been hearing rumors of different celebrities dating each other for a very long time.  

Believe it or not but the love life of celebrities is among the most searched things in the entertainment industry.

This time the news of celebrities dating each other is from Chilli,  

 who is rumored to be dating actor Matthew Lawrence

Matthew is known for playing Jack, a hunter, in a famous show named Boy Meets World. 

Paparazzi have recently captured pictures of both of them hanging out together in Hawaii 

As part of the sources from the beach, both were having  

some intense conversations and spent ample amounts of time playing in the water together.

In defense of both, people are saying that it is just that and nothing more. 

The actress was there for her shooting, and 

Matthew Lawrence happened to catch the actress while on vacation with his friends.