Michelle Branch, an American singer and songwriter, 

has been taking divorced from his husband Patrick Carney

 after three years of marriage.

The personal life of Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney became the topic of debate in 

entertainment media when Michelle accused her husband

of cheating on her while she was home with their six-month-old daughter.

In a press statement, Michelle Branch stated that she was totally devastated.

 She further mentioned that she doesn’t know how to explain her situation and what she is feeling right now.

Till now, Patrick Carney or any of his representatives have not cleared the situation. 

The media has been reporting the whole news based on the accusations of Michelle Branch.

In an interesting turn of events, on Friday morning, Michelle Branch got arrested for domestic assault

 As for the court documents, she has already admitted that she had slapped Patrick in the face.

As of now, she has been given bail at $1000 because she is breastfeeding a six-month-old child.