Why are they delaying Multiversus Season 1?

by vnygadgets

One of the most awaited Morty out of Rick and Morty alongside the multi versus season 1 release date has been delayed

It clearly means that the new battle pass, along with other items associated with 

with other items associated with the battle pass, will also be delayed across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

The best part about this delay is that players who are still enjoying the preseason will get a little extra time to complete their pending tires. 

The makers have not shared any details stating the reason why Rick and Morty have been delayed.

That is why it is very hard to figure out how long the delay could last

Apart from that, Warner Bros games have confirmed that multiverses season 

one is also going to be delayed, and the expected Launch date has shifted from 9 August to unconfirmed.

The makers have already made it clear that preseason battle passes will remain  

available for a longer period of time which means gamers can have more time to unlock the best rewards possible.

The new dates for both games are not out yet. In its official statements, the team of multiverses did not explain why they are delaying it,

But they mentioned that the pre-season better pass is going to be valid till the 15th of August. 

The experts believe that the makers can launch the game by the 15th of August.