The net worth of rapper Talib Kweli is amazing!

by vnygadgets

Talib Kweli is a famous American 

Rapper, singer, actor, screenwriter, musician, and artist.

 He was born on October 3rd, 1975, in New York City 

He started his career as a rapper, 

but nowadays, he is also running his own record label named Javotti media.

He was born into a good family as her mother is an English professor.

Talib Kweli has a net worth of $4 million which he mostly earned from his music career. 

He is well known for his collaboration with other famous rappers, including Kanye West, just blaze, and Pharrell Williams

Under his media record, Talib Kweli has launched four solo albums. 

Talib has also made several TV appearances, 

including multiple appearances on Dave Chappelle’s show.

Talib Kweli is well known for his collaboration with another Brooklyn rapper Mos Def.