Nick Cannon is a famous American actor and television host

 He is among the few artists in the United States 

who have found success on television, radio, film, and as an entrepreneur. 

Nick is a true example of being multi-talented 

Despite being the ex-husband of world-famous singer 

Mariah Carey, Nick Gary is also a talented artist.

Before nick started his music career in 2005, he appeared in men in black two 

and other movies, including drumline, love don’t cost a thing and Shelby dance

Nick made his music debut with his own record label called Can I Ball records.

Nick Cannon is known to have a net worth of $20 million, 

and these days he is earning around $5 billion a year as a salary.

He has made his fortune with his acting as he started performing as early as age 8.  

He has also performed several comedy shows on his father’s local cable access television show.