How Nickelodeon exploited Jennette McCurdy's childhood

by vnygadgets

The child actor of Sam and cat, Jennette McCurdy, has recently opened up about her childhood trauma at Nickelodeon

 In a recent interview, she claimed that she was exploited as a child when 

she was working with Nickelodeon foreshores named iCarly, Sam, and cat.

She further mentioned that along with the television industry, her mother is equally responsible for her current situation. 

Jennette Said her whole childhood and adolescence were very exploited.  

 She made millions of young fans at the age of 16 when she was playing Sam Puckett in iCarly

According to the interview, she was asked to photograph in a bikini during a wardrobe fitting, and the creators also encouraged her to drink alcohol

She blamed her mother that she was present in all these moments, 

 and she never interfered in these things as it was the price of showbiz's success.

Her memoir is going to be published on the 9th of August, 

and you will be able to find all of these incidents in detail. 

She’s also going to explain how she was being shepherded into the work by her controlling mother and that 

she even suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and eating disorders.