Nickelodeon offered her hush money To Jennette McCurdy 

by vnygadgets

ICarly star Jennette McCurdy Claimed that she was exploited by Nickelodeon when she was a child artist 

She even claimed that creators and her own mother teamed up against her to exploit her and even asked her to get photographed in a bikini.

Soon after the allegations, Jennette McCurdy claimed that she had also been offered hush money.  

Her claims were very serious as she said that the creator even offered her alcohol when she was just 18 years old at a private dinner.

Her claims were also sensing some sexual harassment as she claimed that the creator also gave her a coat and massaged her without her consent. 

She wrote that her shoulders have a lot of nods, but she doesn't want the creator to be the one rubbing them out.

All of these were pretty serious allegations against the team Nickelodeon.

Sam and cats were canceled, but Nickelodeon offered her $300,000 as a thank-you gift.  

There was a condition with the gift money that Jennette McCurdy would not speak about her experiences with Nickelodeon and the creator. 

jennette McCurdy refused the gift and called it to hush money. You can read more about her experiences in her latest 

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