Nicki Minaj's pregnancy rumours confuse fans more


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Nicki Minaj has gained a considerable amount of weight, and

her fans are seeking answers. Rhyme queen provides answers, but 

they may not be what her fans are seeking.

In the past week, she sparked a firestorm of rumours

suggesting either that she was overweight or pregnant.

 When you look like Nicki, fat is a relative term.

She still looks great, so I have no intention of hating her

However, she has gained several pounds over the past few months.

Some people believed that they had confirmed her status

 Here, she shuts down the pregnancy rumors by stating that she is “FAT!”

In response, she continues to dismiss the rumors that

she is just fat and not pregnant.

It was obvious that people were excited about the baby news 

 but a large number of people recognized it immediately as cap. One of them is true.