Anne Heche Was involved in a car crash last week, and soon after the accident 

the actor slipped into a coma, and now there are some reports that she might not survive.  

The information has been made public by a representative of the actress.

The representative mentioned in the media that they are very thankful

for all the kind wishes and prayers for the recovery of the actress 

the Grossman burn center at West Hills hospital. Unfortunately,

 the actress might not survive as she has suffered from severe anoxic brain injury and still is in Coma. 

Anne Heche Is still in critical condition 

 The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the whole crash from different angles,

including driving under the influence of drugs as some narcotics were found in her bloodstream. 

 The actress is well known for her roles in movies such as Donnie Brasco,

Six days seven nights, Everwood, and men in trees.