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Roger Mosley, The star of Magnum P.I., Died at the age of 83

Roger Mosley played the role of helicopter pilot Theodore in the television show.  

His family announced his demise with a Facebook post. 

 As per the Facebook post, he was surrounded by his family, and he transcended peacefully.

The daughter of Roger Mosley shared that Facebook post with everyone in the world, 

 stating that she and her family could never mount such an amazing man

 She further mentioned that it is time to celebrate the legacy of the amazing man.

Roger Mosley Played an important role in the series Magnum Private Investigator which ran between 1980 to 1988. 

The fans of the show can never forget how his helicopter business helped the investigator during the whole show. 

He also appeared in reboot series of the same show in 2019

including love boat, night gallery, Kung Fu, Kojak, McCloud, You Take The Kids, Night Quote, Texas Ranger Walker, Rude Awakening, and Fact Checkers Unit.  

The fans always loved his appearances in different shows, and now they are paying their tributes to the TV legend.