Here's why fans are crying for a Purple Hearts sequel

by vnygadgets

Netflix keeps coming back with hits, and this time they have come up with purple hearts, a romance movie that has left fans crying 

It’s the story of Cassie, a struggling songwriter. And Luke, a troubled marine.

They both agreed to marry solely for military benefits, which turned into a real romance.

Days after the release of purple hearts, the fans stormed social media with their thoughts and tears. 

The story of purple hearts is based on a book written by Tess Wakefield by the same name.

The female lead of the movie, Cassie, is a struggling singer and songwriter who was diagnosed with type one diabetes six months ago. 

She is also working as a bartender, teaching piano lessons to the landlord’s daughter, and also plays small gigs in local bars.

A similar story is also happening with Luke, who is struggling with his personal life, and his old friend demands to pay back the $15,000 he owes

 Both started living together, and after struggling for a few weeks, feelings began to arise between both.

Eventually, they stuck together and promised to take care of each other during sickness and health.

The movie was released on the 29th of July 2022, and in just the span of 48 hours,

the movie has become one of the top 10 films worldwide on Netflix.

Now, fans are demanding the sequel as early as possible.