Ralph explains to Drew why he won't adopt her son legally

by vnygadgets

In the episode of August 7, in Real Housewives of Atlanta, 

 Drew Sidora has an open conversation with her husband, Ralph Pittman, regarding their family. 

In the episode, Drew is going to sit down with her and talk about her son Josiah.

Drew Sidora is going to ask Ralph Pittman to adopt her son Josiah, who is from her previous relationship and was born in 2011

In the episode, Ralph Pittman changes his mind and says that he hadn’t met well with Drew.

Drew mentioned in a confessional scene that Ralph promised my mom and me that he was definitely going to adopt Josiah.

Now he has changed his mind after talking to Josiah's biological father.  

 Ralph said that his biological father is not going to like that, that is why he has made the decision not to adopt Josiah.

Ralph already has two kids with Drew, and Ralph further explained that this adoption is just a piece of paper.

Drew is not happy with her husband, and she even mentioned that she is confused that Ralph is backing out on adopting Josiah.  

She further mentioned that she doesn't know what is going on in his mind as he is also writing a book about being a stepparent.