Rita Ora was recently mocked on social media platforms

 for mistaking speech for a dusty apple. In the latest video, 

she can be seen complaining about her hotel and its services in Los Angeles

She can be seen mentioning that she just looked at her fruit bowl and tear is a dusty apple.

After that, she picked up the beach and tried to

show everyone that there was something wrong, but the host of 

Big Breakfast replied to Rita Ora that it was not an apple but a peach.

Later, Rita Ora said that it was 3:00 AM guys give me a break.

The damage was already done, and the viewers of

the show started commenting that Rita Ora should get stronger classes.

The Co-presenter of the show also mentioned that Rita isn’t a lady who will go to the supermarket.

Rita instantly became the soft target of mockery, and now her fans, including critics,

are taking the full benefit of the opportunity.