Russell Wilson is happily married to his wife, Ciara.

Their love life and personal life were not in the news until a former NFL player,

Channing Crowder From Miami Dolphins, 

claimed that Ciara is only with Russell Wilson for his money.

Channing Crowder's controversial comment immediately became the news in the 

sports and entertainment industry. Crowder is known to comment on controversial

things, but this time he has created a huge controversy.

 As for the media reports, Russell Wilson has a net worth of $160 million,

 while singer, model, and actress Ciara Wilson has a net worth of $20 million.

There is clearly a difference between their networks, but it doesn’t mean anything.

Even though Channing Crowder has already apologized for his comment about the 

relationship between Russell Wilson and Ciara Wilson, 

he has not retracted his comments about former NFL player Russell Wilson.

He still believes that Russell Wilson is a square and dumb.