Christine McVie took the break from fleet award back in 1998 

when they were introduced into the rock and roll Hall of Fame. Back then,

she was the songwriter, vocalist and keyboardist for the group.

Recently, she mentioned in the interview that

she has a flying phobia and gets panic attacks, which is why she left the group.

She mentioned that it was among the few reasons she had left the band.

Stevie Nicks also mentioned in her interview why Christine left the band. 

She was her best friend for 30 years, and

she could not force her to stay as she had panic attacks while flying. 

Stevie further mentioned that she would do anything to get her back,

and she is willing to give her $5 million in cash

 if she ever decided to come back.

tevie said that it was like a break-up for her, and she did everything to talk Christine out of this.