Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo end their marriage


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On social media, Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo announced their 

separation. The two influencers both took to YouTube to share

 the news and describe the dynamics between them.

A video posted by Harrison to her fans announced the news

Furthermore, she announced that her upcoming tour with Bencivengo has

been canceled due to the recent events. According to the

 influencer, she needs time in order to "relax and 

"relax and comprehend the events of the past week".

Symonne Harrison posted a video of herself on July 9, 2022

in which she discussed her recent breakup with boyfriend Nick Bencivengo.

 It was strange for the influencer to be recording a video without Bencivengo.

Additionally, she broke down as she revealed that she and

her former partner were no longer together. According to Harrison,

making a break-up video was something she had never envisioned herself doing.