FIFA, the international governing body of association football, has announced

that AI-powered cameras will be used to assist the referees during the 2022 World Cup.

The semi-automated system uses a sensor in the ball that

 relays its location 500 times a second, and 12 tracking 

cameras mounted beneath stadium roofs that use machine learning to track 29 points in players' bodies.  

In the coming years, software will combine this information to

generate automated alerts when players commit offside offenses

(that is, when they are closer to the opposition's goal  

 than their second-last opponent and receive the ball). An alert 

would be sent to officials in a nearby control room,  

who would then validate the decision and inform the referees on the field of the call

It is the latest example of sports adopting automated technology

to assist referees in making decisions. During the 2018 World Cup

 FIFA introduced VAR, or the video assistant referee, which allows 

 referees to review decisions using sideline monitors.