Vittoria was very emotional as she celebrated with her parents

and kissed Marcela. She said, "I'm very happy." Love is

the most beautiful feeling in the world. It is good

for the world. We should celebrate love whenever it occurs

He once said, "Love one another, love your neighbors."

According to him, you should not criticize the way those 

around you like it, since it does not harm anyone

According to him, as long as the world continues to 

be loving, we do not need to worry. Commenting on

his participation in "Dança", he said, "I didn't think he 

Murilo Ben*cio was invited to serve on the technical

jury, who was shining as Tenório from the film "Pantanal" 

 and two-time champion of the "Dança dos Famosos" - in 2009 

 and 2021 - Paula Oliveira, in a full-length black gown. Ana