The Rainbow babie of Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

by vnygadgets

Chrissy Teigen, an American model and television personality, is expecting a rainbow baby with her husband, John Legend 

The announcement of her pregnancy, along with the rainbow baby, has confused her fans.

Rainbow baby is a term used to refer to a baby which is born after the parents have a pregnancy loss. 

 It's a symbolic term that means beauty is coming after a dark time. As you might already be aware, 

the couple suffered a pregnancy loss back in September 2020.

Teigen Explained the whole situation in a lengthy Instagram post,

which also included the complications which were caused due to excessive bleeding. 

The famous American model is nervous about her current pregnancy after losing her son.

Chrissy Teigen Is currently 36 years old, and she already has a daughter named Luna and a son named Miles.

 She had undergone a lot of treatment to have this baby, and her followers wished her a healthy baby.