The reasons why Erika Girardi was sued by Christina Fulton for $750,000

Christina Fulton, Nicolas Cage's former girlfriend, has filed a lawsuit against Erika Girardi, known on the show as Erika Jayne.

Fulton, claims Erika,and her estranged husband Thomas Girardi are responsible

for breaches of fiduciary duties, breaches of contract, and legal malpractice.

Fulton claims she was also "a client of the firm who was unfortunately a victim of this fraud and theft.

Fulton hired Girardi Keese to represent her in connection with an automobile accident she sustained on or around January 1, 2016

Fulton's lawsuit comes after a lawsuit filed by Edelson PC claims Girardi Keese siphoned off settlement payments to victims' families

women who developed breast cancer after taking hormone replacement therapy, and others hired by the plaintiffs' firm.

What is the reason for Fulton's lawsuit against Erika, rather than just against her ex-husband and his company?

She states in the documents that she "recently discovered through bank records

 and other financial documents that the Settlement Funds were diverted to Erika" through her company EJ Global LLC

In her complaint, Fulton alleges that Erika's company, EJ Global LLC

of which she is the sole owner, "was created in order to funnel money from Girardi Keese to Erika."