Chappelle's new release  titled "What's in a Name?". This speech

was released on Netflix on Thursday, in which the comedian

addresses the backlash he has received for his stand-up material that is transphobic.

The 40-minute speech took place at Chappelle's alma mater, the

Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C.,

during a planned ceremony to rename the school's theater after him

Several students at Duke Ellington criticized the school's choice of 

Chappelle because the comedian has included jokes targeting the transgender

community, especially trans women, in his recent projects, such as

the 2021 stand-up special "The Closer." Chappelle also had a

combative Q&A with students following the release of the 

special in November in which many criticized him for not listening to their objections

Chappelle announced during the renaming ceremony that he had decided

not to have the theater named after him due to

the controversy surrounding the name.chool ultimately named the space 

the Theater for Artistic Freedom and Expression.