It is amazing that Tom Sturridge Is The Highest Paid Actor 

by vnygadgets

Each day fans are learning about the full cost of

he Santa Claus franchisee making a comeback as a Disney plus limited series.

When everyone thought that the makers had already announced the whole cast,

a new name was brought to the light as an NCIS actor joined the franchise

As per the reports, Laura san Giacomo, the famous vet in NCIS, is going to join the Disney plus series

 Laura is going to play La Bafana, the Christmas witch.

 She is well known for bringing good children treats on the morning of three kings' day. 

The makers have not released any statement regarding how Laura is going to fit in her character, specifically in the story.

Along with her famous role in NCIS as doctor grace,

 Laura is also known for one Academy Award nomination for a film called Sex, Lies, And Videotape

She had also appeared in several movies, including Pretty Woman and Quigley down under, but she saw massive success when she joined NCIS

Laura is going to join other new faces in the series, including Carl Penn, And Matilda Lawler.

 Another old face, Bernard the elf, is also going to join the series once again after clearing all the creative differences with producers.