Corey McKenna became the first woman in the history of women's UFC to earn a Von flue choke

Last Saturday at UFC apex, she tapped out Miranda Granger. 

 Till now, only a handful of athletes have pulled this successfully, and Cory McKenna became the first woman in UFC history to do that. 

Von flue choke is the synonym of a win in not just UFC but all of MMA

It is very hard to execute the finisher, which is usually used as a counter to Guillotine.

The light heavyweight champion Ovince Saint Preux pulled this successfully on four occasions.

Corey mentioned in her press conference that she thought every possible thing that could happen once she pulled this.

While she was trying to pull it, she heard her corner freaking out, and her opponent was breathing heavily. 

She even heard her opponent shouting to her corner that she was trying to get out of the move. 

 That time Corey McKenna realized that she was about to finish it, and she was happy during that. 

She further mentioned that she is going to sit down with the coaches and try to improve her work.