That's crazy! Spiders have the ability to dream

by vnygadgets

Dreams are a big part of human life. 

 Whatever we think in a day can be reflected in our dreams while sleeping. 

Humans are not the only creatures that can experience dreams while sleeping. 

Dogs, birds, and some other animals also dream while they are sleeping.

A new study has claimed that spiders can also dream while they are sleeping, which can be a game changer in the understanding of sleep.

As per the study, spiders experience periods of rapid eye movement while they Sleep.  

 The study was published in the National Academy of sciences.

Researchers used infrared videos of dozens of young spiders while sleeping at night to see their sleeping patterns.

During the study, researchers realized Spiders were periodically twitching and called their legs.

These things clearly indicate that spiders were having dreams while they were sleeping.

The lead author of the study, Daniela Roseller, mentioned that when she first saw the twitching faces, it just blew her mind. 

She further mentioned that it looked like a cat or dog having a dream.

 If the new study is true, then it is going to change the full understanding of the sleeping patterns of different animals.