when will the tesla cybertruck come out

The Tesla Cybertruck was first introduced in 2019. We had not seen anything like it previously

it was unanticipated-- particularly from the Tesla style-

and fathoming that this advanced futuristic machine could be driving amongst us by the end of 2021 boggled my mind

Perhaps a little too unbelievable, yet Tesla enthusiasts could not wait to secure a car of their own

and also with a mere USD 100 down payment, also those who could not manage the vehicle

that begins with USD 39,900-- couldn't wait to pay and also flex their Cybertruck invoice on Twitter

And also to now, Tesla is holding greater than AU$ 130 million in completely refundable Tesla Cybertruck down payments

In Tesla keynote session, founder and CEO Elon Musk validated that the Tesla Cybertruck will be launched in 2023

He opened the Cybertruck session in the only method he understands how, an awkward joke, 

stating, "So uh, we're mosting likely to shatter the home window once again," about the 2019 failure 

 where Tesla designed Franz von Holzhausen smashed the "bulletproof" glass

resides on phase and also sent the TSLA share price down 6% at the same time