Why is Days Of Our Lives no longer available on NBC?

by vnygadgets

Probably one of the longest soap operas in American TV history, 

days of our Lives is not going to be available on NBC anymore.  

The soap opera has completed more than 14,000 episodes, 57 seasons, and two spinoffs. 

It was one of the stars for NBC for more than five decades.

The creators and channel decided to no longer air it on traditional TV, but it will be streaming on the Peacock OTT platform. 

 The news of Days of our Lives not being available on NBC was a shock to its huge fan base, but don’t worry, 

the soap opera isn’t going anywhere as the creators will start streaming new episodes exclusively on Peacock premium.

One of the biggest reasons for moving to stream platforms is that half of the country has already ditched their cable boxes and opted for digital programming.

Apart from that, a huge number of fans were already watching Days of our Lives on digital platforms, and the move enabled them to build loyalty.

The latest transition of days of our lives from regular TV sets to streaming platforms has a mixed reaction.

The company believes it is going to be the best decision, but fans are not happy with the situation. 

 The Internet speed in rural areas is worse, and it will force thousands of users to quit the show.