It's crazy! Taylor Swift's private jet emits the most CO2

by vnygadgets

In the age of digitalization, you will see everyone talking about strong passwords and two-factor authentication 

Both of these things dare to help you protect yourself from intruders and hackers.

But, that is not the end of security measures.

Yes, you should be taking far better steps to protect yourself on the Internet

Nowadays, hackers are not just taking over your e-mail accounts or social media accounts.

They have updated their game. Hackers are now trying to hack your mobile phone number.

Did you know that hackers over intruders can easily call customer care, and after answering a few personal questions such as your date of birth,

full name, and address, they can port out the phone number you are using right now?

Even though other celebrities on the list have not responded yet, Taylor




Cyber experts will suggest you take some extra measures and apply two-factor authentication to your online accounts

 and you can also include a secondary security code to your phone account as well.

You can simply call customer service or use their own line websites.

 Carrier services request everyone to set up a pin on their SIM cards for better security.