Roku is among the most famous streaming devices in the United States and Canada

Back in December 2021, every owner of the Roku streaming device was in confusion 

about whether the two companies were going to be Alone together

 or it would be the end of YouTube on Roku.

In April 2021, YouTube TV was removed from every Roku store, 

which forced every user to opt for backdoor techniques to watch YouTube TV on Roku devices. 

both companies had several meetings till December 2021, and now the users are waiting for the good news.

Luckily, the companies did not end YouTube on Roku devices.

 Both companies came to an agreement, and now the YouTube app and YouTube TV are available on every Roku device

If you already have a YouTube subscription, then you can open YouTube TV on your Roku device and log in to enjoy it. 

You can also simply download it from the Roku store without any backdoor techniques.

Here Is Guide How To Installed Youtube Tv On Roku